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Overwinter Vegetables

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  1. Pea Seeds - Douce Provence

    Pea Seeds - Douce Provence

    Perfect for spring, summer, autumn and over-wintered protected sowings. Produces a bountiful crop of sweet and…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Packet Content 270 seeds
  2. Cauliflower Seeds - Galleon

    Cauliflower Seeds - Galleon

    This superb cauliflower for overwinter production (maturing April-May) produces quality white heads of superb…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Packet Content 90 seeds
  3. Onion Sets - Senshyu Yellow

    Onion Sets - Senshyu Yellow

    An extremely popular Japanese over-wintering onion, reliably producing a heavy crop of semi-globe-shaped, straw…

    Delivery within 7 days 250g Pack
  4. Bean (Broad Bean) Seeds - Luz de Otono

    Bean (Broad Bean) Seeds - Luz de Otono

    A vigorous growing bean that shows good cold resistance for overwintering use. Produces long, high quality pods…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Packet Content 35 Seeds
  5. Frogitat


    Ideal for Frogs and Toads....and other amphibians giving valuable protection from predators. Provides a naturally cool,…

  6. Giant Patio Growing House

    Giant Patio Growing House

    This heavy duty patio growing house includes a base, sturdy architecture, secure fixing and is the perfect solution for …

    Delivery within 7 days
  7. Replacement Colony

    Replacement Colony

    Bumblebees have a shorter life cycle than honey bees and do not overwinter. However new queens will be produced…

    Replacement Colony
  8. Butterfly Habitat

    Butterfly Habitat

    …butterflies. In summer use the habitat as a butterfly feeder with the nectar feeding tray folded down to allow…

    Delivery within 7 days Butterfly Habitat
  9. Onion Sets - Triple Pack Save 33%

    Onion Sets - Triple Pack

    Onions are one of our most invaluable vegetables and also one of civilisation's oldest medicines. They can help…

    Delivery within 7 days 3 x 250g Packs (1 pack of each variety)
    £7.97 Was £11.97
    More Info Currently Unavailable
  10. Cabbage Plants - F1 Winter Jewel

    Cabbage Plants - F1 Winter Jewel

    First-rate over-wintering spring greens, smooth, dark leaved greens as a spring green, allowed to heart, forms…

    Despatch from October 2017 22 Value Plugs
    More Info Currently Unavailable