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Courgette Seeds - F1 Defender

Courgette Seeds - F1 Defender

A British bred variety, Courgette Defender is resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus which so often decimates marrow plants in our gardens. It produces heavy crops of mid-green, slightly speckled courgettes, and is best if cut…

Packet Contents 20 seeds

Houseplant Defender & Boost Save 31%

Houseplant Defender & Boost

Both Defender & Boost in one parcel. Defender - Ready to use Houseplant Defender has a unique blend of safe physical control surfactants. Used on edible and ornamental plants its unique method gives…

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Was £18.98
Rose Defender RTU Save 35%

Rose Defender RTU

2 x Ready To Use

Was £19.98
Rose Defender RTU

Rose Defender RTU

Produces and encourages healthy roses and buds and can be also used on other flowers, shrubs and vegetables. For vibrant, healthy roses. Use outdoors and under cover. Harvest next day. Children & Pets need not be excluded from…

1 x Ready To Use