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Electric Propagator

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Super 7 Electric Propagator Save 6%

Super 7 Electric Propagator

…to provide the constant gentle heat required to successfully rear seedlings on a windowsill indoors. The Garland Super 7 propagator comes with seven mini propagating trays and vented lids to allow great…

Electric Propagator

Was £42.99
Propagation Kit Save 45%

Propagation Kit

All your propagating needs in one kit. Comprises: One Top Electric Propagator (lead length 132cm/52" when plug in), 3 medium growing on trays (54 x 8cm pots), 30 white labels, propagator thermometer,…


Was £54.99
Big 3 Electric Propagator

Big 3 Electric Propagator

…vented propagating trays offering a huge propagating area. Provides a constant, automatically controlled temperature, evenly distributed throughout, to keep the compost at the optimum temperature for most…

Table Top Electric Propagator

Table Top Electric Propagator

Compact electric propagator featuring 8 watt heated base (lead length 132cm/52" when plug in). Ideal for seeds and cuttings. Features injection moulded growing tray and crystal clear high dome vented cover to create…

Electric Propagator

Large Heated Hydropod Cutting Propagator with Lights and Heater Save 6%

Large Heated Hydropod Cutting Propagator with Lights and Heater

…hydrangea, begonia, dahlia, pelargonium & other plants you want to grow from cuttings. Give cuttings a great start with our Hydropod Cuttings Propagator with Integrated Lights. It is recommended by…

Hydropod with Lights

Was £149.99
Grow Light Garden

Grow Light Garden

Grow what you love, love what you grow - all year long! Full spectrum (6400K) grow lights replicate natural sunlight for year round growing. Perfect for growing salads and herbs or for early season seed starting. Use also to boost…

Grow Light Garden

LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

Provide your indoor salad crops, supermarket living herbs and seedlings with optimum light levels to grow and thrive! Designed to fit propagators, the ROOT!T LED Full Spectrum Grow Light is ideal for growing your favourite…

Grow Light

Hydroponic Grow Pod 2 Save 14%

Hydroponic Grow Pod 2

The Grow Pod 2 sits neatly on your desktop or windowsill at home, to grow high-quality plants. Learn to grow fresh food and flowers with family and friends indoors. Included with your Grow Pod 2:

Grow Pod 2

Was £69.99