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Tomato Fertiliser

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Organic Tomato Food

Organic Tomato Food

Tomato Food is an organic, natural fertiliser. The high potash content ensures an increased formation of flower buds, resulting in tastier, stronger, healthier and more plentiful fruits. Each will have a longer…

4kg Box

Tasty Tomatoes Teabag Feed Save 33%

Tasty Tomatoes Teabag Feed

Feed your tomato plants with soluble fertiliser in a teabag. It is especially good for your tomato plants, super easy and above all ecological. Your tomato plants will absorb the 100% natural nutrients…

Box of 52 Bags

Was £14.99
Strawberry Seeds - F1 Temptation

Strawberry Seeds - F1 Temptation

…containers as well as open ground production. Jst add cream for a mouth-watering summer dessert! Easily grown, prolific and delicious. Harvest June-September.This English bred strawberry is ideally suited to our somewhat…

Packet Content 20 seeds

Comfrey Plants - 'Bocking 14'

Comfrey Plants - 'Bocking 14'

…to compost bins as a natural compost activator, they can be shredded and used as a nutrient-rich mulch around fruit and tomatoes. Plus, you can also make your own liquid fertiliser (Comfrey tea) from the…

3 x 9cm Potted Plants

Garden Potash - 3.5kg

Garden Potash - 3.5kg

Potassium is a rich fertiliser and 100% natural. This fertiliser is applied to a wide range of crops but mainly tuberous plants (onions, tulip, beets, potato...) and fruit forming crops (strawberry, tomato...)

3.5kg Box