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Winter Cabbage

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Cabbage Seeds - F1 Winterjewel

Cabbage Seeds - F1 Winterjewel

Produces evenly sized, smooth, dark leaved greens as a spring green or, if allowed to heart, will eventually form compact 250g (8oz) loose heads. Superb winter hardiness and has excellent flavour and bolting resistance.…

Delivery within 7 days Average Packet Content 50 Seeds

Cabbage Plants - F1 Winterjewel

Cabbage Plants - F1 Winterjewel

…in your garden during winter? Winterjewel displays exceptional winter hardiness and resistance to bolting, and you can look forward to delicious spring greens in April and May. The greens have smooth, dark…

Despatch from September 2019 22 Value Plugs

Vegetable Plants - Our Selection Save 39%

Vegetable Plants - Our Selection

…Extremely winter hardy. Harvest October-March. 3 potted plants.Kale Reflex - A dark-leaved, intensely-curled, fully winter hardy variety which stands well without yellowing and can be picked in summer as…

Despatch from August 2019 18 x 9cm Potted Plants

Was £29.97
Kale Plants - Mixed Collection

Kale Plants - Mixed Collection

…"leafy" pickings from late autumn to early winter. The plants are extremely reliable and will withstand the most adverse weather conditions. Collection contains21 plants (7 of each variety):Black Magic - A newish…

Despatch from July 2019 21 Value Plugs (7 of each variety)